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Hardwood Flooring in Saginaw, MI

Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful, durable, and long-lasting: it can raise the value of your home and last for decades. If you’re considering new hardwood floors, we can help at O’Connor’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Saginaw, MI. We offer beautiful hardwood styles, from bright natural oak floors to dark, rich mahogany and much more.



How To Style Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood flooring is easy to make your own – simply match your favorite:




Wood species can be either domestic or exotic in origin, with options including:

Each has its own characteristic grain patterns and shading, in addition to varying levels of hardness.


What’s the Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood

Solid and engineered hardwood look alike, but they’re quite different under the surface. Consider the region’s hazy summers and frigid winters are you select your hardwood flooring:




Where Can Hardwood Floors Be Installed?

Thanks to the layered construction of engineered wood planks, they’re better at handling foot traffic and moisture. You can install engineered wood on any level of your home, including finished basements. In contrast, solid wood floors should be installed on or above grade in dry, climate-controlled rooms. Solid wood is popular in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and other areas you want an upscale look that’s beautiful and versatile.


Caring for Hardwood Flooring

Your hardwood floor represents a significant investment: one that will beautify your space for years to come if carefully maintained. One should take care to ensure a solid hardwood floor stays clean and dry. Engineered hardwood is more forgiving, but splashes and spills should still be removed sooner, rather than later.


Come and Browse Our Hardwood Flooring Selection

We’re your local hardwood flooring store. Our experts are here to bring y quality products for an affordable price. We’re members of the Carpet One cooperative, which means we can negotiate great deals with suppliers. That allows us to bring you lower hardwood flooring prices, while staying locally owned.




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Shop Hardwood Flooring

Shop Hardwood Flooring

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